Artist Title Label Year Role Tortoise Matsumoto Myway Highway Warner 2010 M Sinead Oconnor, J. Elias Prayer Cycle II: Path to Zero Elias Arts 2009 P / E Pete Yorn Back and Fourth Columbia 2009  keys, bass House of Fools Live and Learn Drive Thru 2007 P / E / M The Keene Brothers Blues and Boogie Shoes Fading Captain 2007 P / E / M James Blunt All the Lost Souls Custard 2007 E FredMusic Sensory Lullabies Burning Sky 2007 E Minnie Driver Seastories Zoe 2007 E Crosstide Talk Radio EP Mesmer 2006 P / E / M Tony Gilkyson Goodbye Guitar Rolling Sea 2006 MST Tommy Keene Crashing the Ether Eleven Thirty 2006 P / E / M Kip Boardman Hello, I Must Be Mesmer 2006 P / E / M James Blunt All the Lost Souls Custard 2005 bass Ofer Short Story Long Big Wheel Recreation 2005 bass Aeon Spoke Above the Buried Cry Mercy Stroll 2005 harmonium, bass The Format Interventions and Lullabies Elecktra 2004 P / A / E / M Fleshpot Debut Trampoline 2004 P / E / M The Adjustments Marie Ave. Mesmer 2004 P / A / E / M Pete Yorn Day I Forgot Columbia 2004 P / E / M Dan Bern Anthems II Messenger 2004 P / E / M SoulKid #1 Americanized Dreamworks 2003 P / E / M Liz Phair Liz Phair Capitol 2003 P / E Pete Yorn Musicforthemorningafter Columbia 2001 P / E / M Aqua Fantastica As Far as I Know Prof. Sci Fi 2001 P / E / M Alanis Morissette The Prayer Cycle Sony 1999 P / E / M Fastball All the Pain Money can Buy Hollywood 1998 piano The Silos Heater Checkered Past 1998 bass Five Easy Pieces Debut MCA 1998 bkg. vocal
R. Walt Vincent - Discography
P=Producer | E=Engineer | M=Mixer | A=Arranger | MST=Mastering Engineer Tommy Keene In the Late Bright Second Motion 2009 P / E / M Tommy Keene Behind the Parade Second Motion 2011 P / E / M Tortoise Matsumoto Twistin the Night Away Warner 2011 M Tortoise Matsumoto The Tortoise Matsumoto Hour Warner 2012 M Patricio Hildago El Regresso De La Conga AfroJarocho 2012 E / M Julia Mcalee Animals Powder Room 2012 P/E/M/A Chris Pope Paradise EP Blonde Summer 2013 P/E/M/A Tommy Keene Excitement At Your Feet Second Motion 2013 P/E/M Cynic Kindly Bent to Free Us Season of Mist 2013 M HitREcord on TV You’re Not the Only One HitREcord                        2013 Ulfuls    E/M One Mind Warner 2014 M Waz    Lights Go Down Sweet By and By 2014 M Morello        The Duellists Morello 2014 M Tommy Keene        Laugh in the Dark    Second Motion 2015 E/M Vivian Cook        The Long Shot Silicon Valley 2015 P/E/M/A Ulfuls        Bontsubiwaiwai Warner 2015 M Jim Carrey    How Roland Rolls SKOG Media 2013 E/M Jerzy Jung        The Shock That Made You Come Alive BunnyTiger 2015 M